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Three Methods for Redesigning Your Bathroom to Resemble Your Favorite Spa Styles

Tuesday, July 27th, 2021

Spas are designed to be relaxing and soothing to your mind and body but spending all day, every day, in a spa would get expensive. Luckily, you can redesign your bathroom to resemble a beautiful, calming spa environment.

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The average person will spend 30 to 60 minutes in their home bathroom, daily. This is upwards of 182.5 to 365 hours in your bathroom, annually. That’s a lot of hours to spend in a bathroom, so why not make those hours as enjoyable and relaxing as possible?

This article covers three methods for redesigning your bathroom to resemble some of your favorite spa styles.

Add Calming Scents in Body Washes, Shampoos, and Candles

What are your favorite scents? Green apple? Ocean breeze? Vanilla? All of these scents and more can be found in body washes, shampoos, and candles. Indulge! Add elements of your favorite scents throughout your bathroom. These are instant mood boosters.

Invest in Plush Rugs, Robes, and Towels

Rugs, robes, and towels are some of the most comfortable elements to add to your bathroom. Plush rugs allow you to wiggle your toes in warmth and comfort, while towels and robes keep you warm and cozy from the bathroom to the bedroom.

Declutter Your Counters and Create Extra Storage Space

One of the most crucial bathroom ideas in oklahoma city ok, the best thing you can do for your bathroom is decluttering your counters. Extra storage space, like extra shelves or a bathroom closet, could help you organize your bathroom clutter without throwing out any of what makes up your everyday routine.

Spa experiences are, by nature, calming and soothing to your muscles, nerves, and mind. Ergo, there’s no reason you can’t mimic the feeling of being at a spa in your home bathroom.